You just got married and you want have your honeymoon in Croatia or you just want to have a relaxing vacation in Croatia.  Great¸ you are at the right place. People usually prefer destinations considered exotic or romantic. That being said¸ Croatia can give you both as well as much more. 


If you’re arriving from Europe¸ you won’t find it difficult to travel to Croatia since the country is located in the Central Europe across the Adriatic sea¸ opposite to Italy. Thanks to its favorable geographic position¸ you can visit Croatia and other nearby countries such as Italy¸ Austria¸ Hungary¸ Bosnia and Herzegovina or Montenegro. It would be like honeymoon tour but let’s go back to the topic¸ vacation in Croatia. 




Although Croatia is a small country with only 4 milion people¸ distinct differences between its regions provide diverse excotic¸ romantic¸ exciting¸ adventurous and above all unforgettable experience for people of all ages and from all walks of life. The country is geographically and culturally divided in 5 different regions:


  • Zagreb and the northern Croatia with old baroque cities such as Varaždin and Čakovec – this part of Croatia is best for people who prefer urban style of life and cultural monuments since Zagreb is the capital of Croatia with population of 1 million people. You can visit it any time of the year but the best time to see it is during winter months¸ especially during Christmas Advent which is among the best in Europe. This time of year¸ Zagreb looks like a huge Christmas Village with all the decorations¸ attractions¸ boutique wines, gourmet dishes and live music that revives its parks and squares. Besides Zagreb¸ there are couple of smaller baroque towns in the region with stunning castles and historical monuments. For instance¸ romantic castle Trakošćan in Varaždin¸ the best preserved medieval fortification Veliki Tabor in Desnić and Ozalj¸ a beautiful picturesque town with rich history and marvelous nature.                                                                                                   
  • Slavonia on the east with its valleys¸ National Park Papuk and town of Osijek – truth be told¸ this is the least popular part of Croatia, especially if you’re looking for honeymoon in Croatia. On the other hand¸ if you like peace and quiet¸ beautiful scenery and you don’t want to go to the coast¸ islands or the mountains¸ then the valleys and national parks of Slavonia are best suited for you. The main city of Slavonia is Osijek with its beautiful architecture that provides romantic walks along the shores of Danube river.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Lika and Gorski Kotar with National Park Plitvice – this is the mountain part of the country which connects the coastal part with the rest of Croatia. Lika and Gorski  kotar are comprised of picturesque countryside landscapes surrounded with lush green forests and clear lakes. You can visit it all year long. It only depends what you prefer. During winter months¸ this part of Croatia is great for skiing, snowboarding and winter holidays. On the other hand, during summer people like to visit it to cool off from the heat as well as to visit stunning National Park Plitvice. Also, Lika and Gorski Kotar offer cheaper accommodation and they are only 1 to 4 hours drive from the coast, depending on your location.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Kvarner and Istria – this is the northwest part of the coast with the city of Rijeka as the biggest city in the region. Charming towns, beautiful beaches, peaceful islands, close proximity of Slovenia, Italy and Austria make this region very popular. Besides Rijeka, there are many other smaller towns which are bursting with festivals and tourists during hot summer months. Charming town Opatija, Pula with its Roman Colosseum, Motovun with its film festival, Crikvenica Riviera with beautiful beaches and promenades, Rabac and Rovinj with their summer resorts as well as Poreč with its beautiful architecture are a guaranty for fun and romantic vacation in Croatia. National Park Brijuni, a group of islands, is the most popular and the most beautiful national park in this part of Croatia.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Dalmatia with Split & Dubrovnik – Dalmatia is a region on the Croatian south which includes charming cities with beautiful arhitecture such as Zadar, Šibenik, Primošten, Trogir, Split, Omiš, Makarska and Dubrovnik, among other. While these cities lay on the shores of Adriatic sea, there are also numerous islands along the coast of Dalmatia. Whether you are looking for romantic towns¸ peaceful islands¸ hidden beaches¸ picturesque national parks or unforgettable adventure¸ look no further. Dalmatia is your answer to perfect honeymoon in Croatia where you will find charming getaway and romantic sunsets. The best cities to visit in Dalmatia are Zadar on the north¸ Dubrovnik in the south and Split in the middle. When it comes to islands¸ Brač¸ Hvar¸ Vis¸ Korčula and Dugi Otok are the ones to see. Although there are several National Parks in the region¸ N.P. Krka is the most popular of all. 




Despite being a small country¸ Croatia’s climate ranges wide depending on where in the country you are. However¸ on average, we have moderate winters and hot¸ dry summers. Because of the climate and the seasons¸ coastal part of the country is the best for summer vacation¸ while Zagreb is the best for winter holidays. If you’re planning to have your Croatian honeymoon in summer on the coast as most people do¸ stock up on sunscreen¸ water and don’t forget the sunglasses. 




If you like mediterranean cuisine¸ you will love the food in Croatia. As any mediterranean cuisine¸ the menu is comprised of fruits¸ vegetables¸ olive oil¸ fish and wine. However¸ there are plenty of meat based meals but the ones you must try¸ if you like meat¸ is ćevapi and meat pie.


On the other hand¸ you have Soparnik which is authentic Croatian meal made of spinach¸ garlic and olive oil as the main ingredients. The point is¸ whether you’re are a meat eater¸ vegetarian or vegan¸ you will find a place for you. Thanks to development of tourism¸ there are all kinds of new restaurants opening every summer which not only have the diverse menu but they also provide a romantic atmosphere for unforgettable honeymoon in Croatia. 




Sun, sea, the beaches and the islands are the main selling point of Croatian tourism, especially when we are talking about summer season. Accordingly, you will see plenty of small boats, speedboats and yachts cruising from island to island, if you visit Dalmatia or Istria and Kvarner. Not only that you can choose which islands, caves and beaches you want to visit but you can also choose places that offer more privacy for you and your loved one. 


That being said, we offer private tours and option to rent a boat. Private tour means that you can rent a boat with the skipper which will drive you wherever you want. On the other hand, you can also rent a boat without the skipper, if you have a skipper licence. Regardless of the means of transportation, don’t forget to visit at least some of the islands, if you decide to have your honeymoon in Croatia during summer season. If you want to replace romantic dinners with fun night out, not only that you have plenty of clubs to choose from but you can join a Yach Week and enjoy in parties that you will always remember. 




Plenty of sunny days and stunning beaches are one of the main reasons why vacation on Croatian coast is so popular. With over thousand islands and more than 1700 km of coastline there are more than enough sandy beaches, secluded beaches, pebble beaches and party beaches to choose from. If you decide to visit the country during summer months, relax and enjoy on some of the top beaches in Croatia. Just pick the ones that suit you.




Croatia boasts over two millennia worth of history, thanks to which it has rich collection of monuments, museums, castles and fortresses. Much of it is incredibly well-preserved. What is even better, you have entire towns that are centuries old. Besides Zagreb, Varaždin and Ozalj, there are even better towns for sightseeing on the coast. While you have Rovinj, Poreč and Pula with its roman colosseum in Istria, in Damatia you have old town of Šibenik, Primošten, Omiš, Korčula, Ston and especially Hvar, Trogir and Zadar.


However, two of them are in a league of their own. I am talking about Split and Dubrovnik. Split is capital of Dalmatia with massive 1700-year old Diocletian’s Palace located in town centre. The Palace was emperor’s vacation resort, built during Roman empire which was also used to film some scenes for Game of Thrones. Outskirts of Split which include marvelous fortress of Klis, stunning castles of Kaštela, ancient ruins of Salona and charming old town of Trogir, make Split an invaluable historical and cultural center. 


Old town of Dubrovnik is maybe the most beautiful city in Europe which is surrounded with old city walls and filled with towers, monuments and picturesque views which take you to middle ages. Thanks to its stunning architecture, Dubrovnik has turned into one of the top modern tourist destinations in the world as well as desirable set for filmmakers. It is known as King’s Landing in Game of Thrones and most recently as the glamorous galactic city of Canto Bight in Star Wars franchise.

Dubrovnik history



If all that wasn’t enough for dream vacation or awesome honeymoon in Croatia, you can also enjoy in wine tasting, adrenaline tours, dive on stunning locations, explore marvelous national parks or hike to the mountain peaks to experience amazing view of Croatian coast and its islands. 


If you like adrenaline tours, you can try exhilarating Zipline experience, located near Omiš in a beautiful canyon overlooking a spectacular view of river Cetina. Besides Zipline, you can also enjoy in rafting and kayaking on that same river. If you want something lighter choose kayaking but if you want to get your heart pumping, rafting on river Cetina is adventure of your choice. On the other hand, if yo want to try bungee jumping, take your shot of adrenaline from Šibenik bridge which streches across the gulf.  


When it comes to snorkeling and scuba diving in Croatia, it is not only popular beacuse of the shallow sea, thousand islands and amazing dive spots but also due to numerous shipwrecks, caves, underwater cliffs, rich marine life, giant mussels and the fact that it is very safe as it is closed sea, not an ocean.


However, newlyweds that want to stay on the shore, either visit National Park Plitvice, N.P. Krka or they go hiking to the top of mountain Biokovo near Makarska, Mosor near Split, Vidova Gora on Brač island or they hike to Paklenica National Park which is the most visited climbing site in Croatia. Whichever place you choose, expect stunning panoramic views that will take your breath away. 









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