You came to visit Dalmatia and you end up in Split. Although you have plenty of stores, supermarkets and malls, you decide to have a dinner in a nice restaurant. Luckily for you, there are plenty of options. Whether you are looking for the most popular restaurants, the ones with a nice view, the ones with cheap prices or maybe the ones with vegetarian cuisine, extravagant meals or just a great pizzeria, we are here for you. 




If you want to take your friends and family to a nice restaurant¸ these are the places for you:


Restaurant Fife is one of the most popular places in Split centre thanks to simple, yet very tasty, plentiful and cheap meals. Menu includes meals such as fish soup, carbonara and pasta with shrimps, black risotto, risotto made from seafood as well as roasted fish, squid and octopus. If you don’t want seafood, you can choose between roasted veal, grilled meat, steaks in sauce or pašticada, a local specialty, among other. 


Restaurant Velo Misto on Zenta is charming, nicely decorated restaurant on the coast of Split with a nice view of the sea and marina Zenta. Its located in a quiet area, outside the city centre. The menu has something for everyone, while the prices are fine and the service is solid. 


Restaurant Velo Misto on Marjan is actually my favorite, when it comes to these two. It is located on the other side of the town, close to park-forest Marjan. In my opinion, the food, the service and the prices are better here than at the one on Zenta. Also, interior of Restaurant Velo Misto on Marjan is decorated more like a tavern than a fancy restaurant which makes you feel more like at home.


Restaurant Ivo is another highly popular place among the locals¸ when it comes to restaurants in Split. However, Restaurant Ivo is located in Stobreč which is a small town located just next to Split. Restaurant is popular thanks to great food, pleasant atmosphere and decent prices. Most of the guest are locals due to the fact that not many tourists know about this place. The owner does not promote it since he has plenty of customers anyway which tells you how good it is.


Restaurant Struja is also located in Stobreč but on the promenade with a nice view of the sea and the sandy beach. The food is great, menu is diverse, prices are more than fair and it is well decorated with places to sit inside and outside. I would advise you to go there for a romantic dinner or afternoon lunch since you will enjoy in summer atmosphere and it won’t be as many people at that time of day.


Restaurant Perivoj is relatively new place which got really popular, really fast beacause Split needed place like this, something different. It is set in a historic 1900s villa tucked away in the winding backstreets of Split’s Old Town. Perivoj welcomes its guest into art-deco surroundings where award-winning chefs serve up a menu of typically Croatian dishes. However, selection of desserts and cakes is what really make this place special, besides its amazing  surroundings. Occupy a seat in one of the city’s oldest pleasure gardens and satisfy your sweet tooth by one of Perivoj’s fountains.




You came to visit the town and you happen to be vegetarian or vegan? Luckily for you, Split has something for everyone and this are the places you will adore:


Makrovega is charming small restaurant hidden down an alley¸ north of the palace . It offers well combined vegan and vegeterian dishes as well as great choice of cold pressed juices made of fruit and vegetables. You can also choose daily special which provides you with soup¸ main course and a salad for only 10 € or 70 kn per person.


Upcaffe is small healthy vegetarian and vegan restaurant with gluten free options, fresh squeezed juices, barley coffee, organic tea, cakes without sugar and other fresh and tasty meals that come with very fair prices. The restaurant is owned by the same owners of Makrovega but this one is located outside the old town. You will find it next to the main street¸ 3 mins away from the main bus station. 


Marta’s Veggie Fusion is vegetarian/vegan fusion in the heart of Diocletian’s palace, right next to spectacular Peristil. Menu is various with blend coffee, craft beer¸ gluten-free cake, yummy smoothies. delicious stew¸ burgers and chips . Although the portions could be a bit bigger for the price they charge¸ fresh¸ tasty meals and great location of this cute¸ small restaurant are what makes this place special. 


Juice bar Kokolo is located just above the promenade¸ right next to the Diocletian’s palace¸ on so called “Fruit” square. Menu includes fruit drinks, cocktails¸ fruit salads¸ smoothies and breakfast such as chia puding. Since it is located on the spacious square¸ surrounded with city gates¸ old walls and buildings¸ it makes a great spot for relaxation after a sightseeing tour as well as a great spot for detox drink after crazy night out. Also¸ Juice Bar Kokolo works only during summer season. 




You want to have a delicious, filling meal and save some money instead of spending it in some fancy restaurants? Good, these are the places that we love and you will too:


Fast Food Kalimero is located next to main market in the city centre. Besides hamburgers, cheesburgers and fries, you can also order other meals such as mixed meat, pizza, few veggie meals as well as ćepavi or ćevapčići which is grilled dish of minced meat, mixed and formed with a funnel. It is usually served with onions and ajvar, a condiment made mostly from red bell peppers, besides  garlic, eggplant and chili peppers. What is great about Fast Food Kalimero, is not only that the food is delicious but they keep very fair prices, especially considering they are located in the city centre. 


Slastice Kod Mate is one of the favorite places among the locals, especially after clubing during weekends. Although they sell nice pizza and burek which is local specialty made from cheese and meat, the place is mostly known beacuse they have the best donuts in town. They fill them up with chocolate or marmelade in front of you and they put a lot of stuffing which makes them extra delicious. Slastice kod Mate is located 30 minutes away from the promenade(Riva), by foot. 


Kebab House is among my favorite places. Not only that they sell the best Kebab in town but it is very cheap and the place is located 5 minutes away from the promenade. You can choose between sweet or spicy dressing or order other meals such as chicken, burger and ćevapi as well as yogurt. 




If you are looking for quick bite and nice fast foods or kebab bars, these are among the best:


Kantun Paulina is  charming take out corner in Old Town of Split. They serve burgers, chicken burgers and ćevapi. Ćevapi are minced meat sausages on homemade bread topped with chopped onions, cheese or ajvar, a local dressing. Although they have only a couple of meals to choose from, they are brought to perfection. 


Rizzo Sandwiches is the closest thing to famous Subway, American fast food restaurant franchise. If you don’t like other fast foods and you just want to have the best sandwich in town, Rizzo is the one for you. This sandwich bar offers various choice of cheeses, hams, vegetables and toppings to put into your meal. Everything is fresh made and they even bake bread themselves!




Although there are plenty of pizzerias in Split, these two are my favorites:


Restaurant Portas is family owned restaurant, located in the Diocletian’s Palace, 10 meters away from the Golden Gate. Although you can order breakfast which consists of local dishes as well as salads, ravioli and lasagne from their menu, “bread and butter” of their menu is delicious pizza. Although the place and the outside terrace aren’t that big, when the season comes, Restaurant Portas is mostly full thanks to attentive staff, charming enclosure and great food which is reasonably priced. 


Pizzeria Bakra is one of best pizzerias in town with old fashioned interior that provides good service, fair prices and homely atmosphere. You can get pizza in two different sizes and there are numerous toppings to choose from. That being said, there is no much difference in large and small pizza. So, if you want to get the most for your money, order the big one. 




Not much to tell, if you love pancakes this is the one:


Stari Plac is the most well known Pancake restaurant in Split. Not only that you can choose between sweet pancakes, salty pancakes and gluten-free pancakes but the portions you get are more than plenty as well as reasonably priced. Although you can pick between 75 types of pancakes, you can also choose which ingredients you want and create your own pancake. That being said, you have two restaurants in town but pick the one with better service located in the city centre, next to old football field.




Although you have other restaurants in Split with nice view, these are at the top considering the price, the service and breathtaking view:


Terrace Vidilica is located on the south side of park forrest Marjan. Since it is located on the hill above the city¸ it provides breathtaking view of the old town and the bay. The food is nice but selection of wines is even better. Terrace Vidilica is best suited for romantic dinner as well as refreshing spot after sightseeing the park. However¸ you need to hike a bit up the stairs to get to it or take a taxi since there aren’t many places to park a car¸ close to Vidilica.  


Caper Restaurant is a bit more on the expensive side and there is a good reason behind it. It is Radisson Blu restaurant located in the hotel of the same name. Since Radisson Blu hotels are among the best¸ their restaurants try to keep up to the highest standards. Not only that the menu is rich in top Mediterranean specialties but it is also complemented by a wide selection of wines. Amazing view of the sea from the terrace and incredible decor of the restaurant make it perfect for romantic dinners. 


Restaurant Dvor is probably my favorite among these three¸ especially for romantic dinner with your significant other. It is located short walk from the old town¸ above the sandy Bačvice beach. Food and drinks are great¸ while the price is reasonable. However¸ the thing that makes this place special¸ is the venue. The house which is now a restaurant¸ has been converted beautifully along with the spacious outside terrace that provides marvelous view of the beach and nearby islands¸ while the waves splashing on the shore improve already a lovely setting. 



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