You want to visit Dalmatia and its capital but you want to know what things to do in Split? Luckily for you, there are plenty of places to visit and activities to do, especially if you are visiting during spring and summer months. 


Explore Diocletian’s Palace and the old town. Diocletian’s Palace is the number one attraction in Split. It was built during the reign of Roman Emperor Diocletian which he intended to use as his retirement residence. Although it is called a palace, due to its size, it encompases more than half of the city’s center. Rest of the area is filled with old town of Split which is spread around the famous Palace and towards the park forrest Marjan. 


Take a bike tour or go for a hike through the Park Forest Marjan. Lush green lungs of Split, located on the hill next to the old town and surrounded by Adriatic Sea are one of the places you have to visit, if you come to Split. Not only that park forest Marjan is declared as area of Special Protected Nature but it is only 20 minutes away from the city’s centre, by foot. Besides the rich vegetation, Marjan also has numerous hike and jogging trails, old churches, two tennis courts, small footbal field, a playground for kids, pony rides, a restaurant, plenty of beaches, great sightseeing spots as well as maritime research institute perfect for a fun tour around the peninsula on a sunny summer’s day. As you can see, there are plent of things to do in Split and that is on Marjan only. 


Cool down on one of Split beaches. Besides the beaches around park forest Marjan such as Obojena, Kašjuni, Prve Vode or Bene, there are nice beaches on the rest of Split coastline. For example, there are shallow sandy beaches such as Bačvice and Firule, just 15 minutes of walking distance away from the centre. You also have very popular Žnjan plateau with long stretch of pebble beaches along the coastline as well as beautiful beaches in surrounding suburbs of Split such as Stobreč, Kaštela and Trogir.


Visit one of Split museums. If you’re a fan of history, medieval architecture and old monuments, Diocletian’s Palace by itself is a great sightseeing spot. However, you have plenty of museums in the palace and outside of it which can witness about the rich and turbulent history of the town and the country.

Take a day trip and visit surrounding towns. Although Split is metropolis of Dalmatia and the main place to visit, there are several towns in its sourrandings and each of them is interesting in its own way. You have Solin which is charming small town and a location of ancient city of Salona, once a capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia. Next to Solin is Kaštela with its 7 medieval castles. On the western side of Split riviera is stunning city of Trogir with beautiful baroq arhitecture and numerous pebble beaches around the town. On the eastern side of Split riviera, you have Stobreč with its wide beach and my favorite, Omiš which has the best beaches in the area and was home of the pirates, a long time ago. So, if you ever want to know what things to do in Split, remember, its not just Split. You have entire Split riviera and mid Adriatic islands to explore for awesome vacation in Croatia. 


Enjoy in vibrant nightlife and summer parties. Although you have plenty of clubs in Split and surrounding towns, when the summer comes, nightlife becomes even crazier. Not only that tourists from all over the world spice up the atmosphere but you also have numerous summer festivals, beach parties and live concerts. The most popular clubs in town are Vanilla, Central, Fabrique, Jazzbina and Tropic. When it comes to beach parties in Split, they are usually organized on wide and shallow Bačvice beach, while during the Ultra Europe festival, main stage is at the Poljud Stadium. 


Go to a shopping in one of Split malls. If you want to go shopping, you have few new malls to pick from. The best ones includes Joker, City Center One, Salona Mall and Mall of Split. Shopping Center Joker is located somewhat close to the centre, while Salona Mall is located in Solin. That being said, two of the best are also two biggest ones, Mall of Split and City Center One. These two not only have plenty of stores, restaurants and movie theaters thereby providing you with plenty of things to do in Split but they are also located few kilometres apart from one another which makes your shopping tour much simpler and less time consuming.

Visit mid-Adriatic islands or National Parks. Besides exploring Split and charming towns on Split riviera, you can also visit national parks and mid-Adriatic islands. Since they are bit further and taking a taxi or a bus isn’t convenient, you will need to have your own car, rent one, book an excursion, rent a boat or take a ferry. In any case, you have plenty of options, if you want to visit National Park Krka, N.P. Plitvice or mid-Adriatic islands such as Brač, Hvar, Vis or Šolta. 


Book a Private Tour which suits you. If you have a trip planned in your mind for you and your family, you can rent a boat, a van or book a private tour. Not only that you can choose which places you want to visit but you can decide how long you want to stay in each place. Only fact that is fixed is time of departure and time of arrival back to Split. 


Go snorkeling and scuba diving in crystal clear Adriatic sea. If you don’t want to visit medival towns, stunning national parks or numerous islands of Dalmatia, explore rich underwater world of Dalmatia. Not only that Croatia has more than thousand islands and crystal clear sea but there are many great diving spots, thanks to long maritime tradition and turbulent history on this side of Adriatic.



While you can explore Diocletian’s Palace and the old town, visit one of Split museums, go to a shopping in one of Split malls or visit surrounding towns any time of the year, there are some activities on the list which are best suited for spring or summer.


You can’t enjoy on beautiful beaches of Split riviera, there are no crazy summer parties during winter months, it isn’t warm enough to enjoy in your visit of Krka, Plitvice or the islands and private tours aren’t as fun without the vibrant atmosphere that spring and summer bring with them. 


“Moral of the story”, consider which activities you prefer and the time of the year you plan to have your vacation in Split, Croatia. 









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